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Text Customers about Financing with Kenect

Equipping a customer with financing resources is a great tool to convert them from browsing to buying. By using Priority One's partnership with Kenect, you can talk to the customer through their preferred method of communication and increase their chances of seeing the unit through to delivery.

Kenect is a business text messaging tool that empowers dealers to easily communicate with customers. Kenect compiles all texts and website leads into one business inbox so that you can respond to them in one place. In partnership with Priority One, you can now also use Kenect to text a customer about financing.

The Kenect-Priority One integration connects your customer directly with Priority One in seconds and helps make sure you're sending the customer to the right place based on their financing needs.

Using financing templates, you can text your customer about:

  1. Applying for financing.

  2. Getting an insurance quote.

  3. Securing collateral protections.

  4. Asking a financing question.

In each case, customers will receive a secure link that will send them to the credit application or a short form that puts them in touch with your team at Priority One. Once the customer fills out the form or credit application, you will be notified through your dealer portal and a Priority One business manager will promptly reach out to the customer.

Learn more about Kenect and Priority One from our most recent webinar below.


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