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NEW Credit App Enhancements

We've got new-and-improved features coming to your Priority One credit application! Among the updates, your dealership name will be now be displayed at the top of the homepage.

In order to update, we need you to change the link that you share with customers.

To change the URL on your website:

  1. Log onto

  2. Click More

  3. Click Setup FRC

  4. Click Email Instructions

  5. Check your email, send the instructions to your web developer. Ask them to pay special attention to updating the URL.

Click the button below to let us know you're up to date!

Learn how Priority One can help your business grow.


NEW Credit App Enhancements

Make this one change for customers to apply easily on your website.

Security & Compliance

Consumer privacy is a hot topic this year. What are your third party providers doing to support you?

VP of Technology Celebrates 20 Years with Priority One

VP of Technology and "CIO of the Year" award winner, Mark Siler, celebrates 20 years with Priority One.

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