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Offering in-house finance and insurance to your customers helps you strengthen your customer relationships and close more deals. But F&I is a full-time job—trying to do it yourself takes away valuable time that could be spent selling, growing your business, and reaching your long-term goals.

We’re here to do the work of F&I for you, providing the consistent quality and market-leading expertise you need to close more deals. Your customers want to set out on their new adventure—and we help them get there.

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Headquartered in Downtown St. Petersburg, the Priority One team is composed of the very best professionals in finance, insurance, and operations. Currently employing over 80 team members, our culture is one that supports growth, development and collaboration.


Founded in 1987, Priority One was the nation's first F&I outsourcing company for recreational dealers. Today, we're uniquely specialized in boats, RV's and trailers, and our expert team offers an innovative and customer-centric F&I experience.

Our founder pioneered the concept of F&I outsourcing out of her home office, armed with a single phone and a fax machine, to serve local dealerships. Since then, Priority One has grown to serve dealers across the country, and expanded operations to include insurance and commercial financing.

In 2007, Priority One was acquired by Forest River, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, which further expanded our capacity to serve dealers with top-tier finance and insurance options.


We’re proud members of the very best professional organizations in the marine and outdoor space.


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