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Financing Kiosks

Customers who fill out a credit application before they leave your store are 30% more likely to follow-through on picking up that unit.

Priority One offers a number of industry-leading tools to support your efforts to get credit applications in front of customers before they leave your store, like DealerRock DMS or MOTOTV animations. But our all-time dealer favorite is clear: the financing kiosk.

Priority One financing kiosks are lightweight, portable fixtures with a small showroom footprint and big, reaching reward. Easily moveable within your showroom or to a tradeshow, kiosks provide direct access for your customer to start the financing process before they leave your store. Your kiosk connects directly to your dealership's credit application page and uses advanced technology to support the security and compliance of your customer's data.

When a kiosk application is submitted, that customer takes immediate priority and receives a phone call from our team as soon as possible - often before they even leave your store.

Kiosks are complimentary to Priority One dealer partners.

INCLUDES: iPad, charger, kiosk fixture and fabric, digital credit application, prioritized call-back for customers

REQUIRES: WiFi connection

To request a demo or learn more about our kiosk technology, call (800) 419-1341.

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VP of Technology Celebrates 20 Years with Priority One

VP of Technology and "CIO of the Year" award winner, Mark Siler, celebrates 20 years with Priority One.

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