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Priority One And MOTOTV Bring Exclusive Content To Dealers

Priority One Financial Services, the recreational industry’s oldest and largest F&I outsourcing provider, recently launched a new, exclusive partnership with MOTOTV™, a customizable in-store television network. Through the partnership, Priority One and MOTOTV dealers will have access to animated advertisements that educate customers on just how easy the financing process can be when purchasing a boat or RV.

“MOTOTV promotes important brand and product information to customers on TVs at point-of-sale in a powerful way,” said Gary Halpin, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of MOTOTV. “We are glad to be working with Priority One to help dealerships' customers understand the benefits of financing with a trusted partner and to close more sales."

With bright, friendly motion graphics, the ads share interesting financing information, like the fact that financing a boat or RV can boost your credit score.

“These digital promotions start conversations between dealers and customers. Financing isn’t always easy to talk about! But these visuals make it relatable and exciting,” said Nicole Armstrong, VP of Marketing & Sales at Priority One.

The partnership also incentivizes Priority One dealers that do not currently have a MOTOTV subscription to get one. The service pipes in the freshest content for desired brands and products, customizable for individual dealers, all appealing to shoppers when they are most influenced – at the store.

Dealers interested in adding MOTOTV to the in-store experience should call Cody Baker at (970) 946-8874 and mention key word PRIORITY ONE.


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