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Faster Financing with DealerRock DMS Integration

Customers who fill out a credit application before leaving your dealership are nearly 30% more likely to follow-through on picking up that unit. As a Priority One partner, you have access to a variety of tools to encourage in-store digital credit applications, but this newest integration may be your best tool yet.

We recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with DealerRock, a modern, cloud-based Dealer Management System (DMS). The integration instantly connects customers with the financing they need and simplifies information sharing between you and Priority One.

DealerRock helps you manage your inventory, customers, purchase orders and more. When a customer in your showroom is ready to purchase a new unit, with the click of a button, you can send a text (or email) to that customer that contains a pre-filled credit application.

That application will automatically include information in your DMS, like collateral details and basic customer info. While still in your store, the customer completes the credit app by adding additional details (birthdate, job history, co-buyer, etc.), condensing the application process to a matter of minutes.

The streamlined process reduces data entry errors and limits duplicative work for your dealership. And did we mention that customer is now 30% more likely to pick up the unit?

For a limited time, DealerRock is waiving initial startup fees for Priority One dealers. For more information, visit or contact Jason Haines at or (859) 412-1559.


Jason Haines founded DealerRock in 2018. As the owner and operator of Current Watersports, a multi-location marine dealership based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Haines developed DealerRock after looking for a DMS system for his growing dealership. The feedback he received about other DMS systems was disappointing - platforms were dated, not cloud-based, expensive and overly-complex for today's environment. DealerRock was built by working side-by-side with dealerships, adding functions after months of careful planning and collaboration with store employees.

Today, DealerRock is a modern, cloud-based DMS software system that focuses on usability and mobility. It eliminates the need for multiple systems within the dealership - no more using something for lead management, a different program for the service department and quoting sales through another system. Everything is integrated and connected within DealerRock – one system for everything. New features and improvements are added weekly. Dealerships using DealerRock operate on-the-go, improve their operations immediately and actually enjoy working with their dealer management system.


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