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New Online Credit Application

Priority One Digital Credit Application

Now LIVE! A faster, modern, user-friendly version of the digital credit application. Featuring single-screen prompts and a mobile-friendly design, filling out a credit application will be easier than ever for your customers.

To view your dealership's credit application:

Log onto Click “Credit App"

Did you know you can add the credit application to your website?

Log onto Click “More” > “Setup FRC” Follow the prompted instructions. Add the hyperlink or code to your website!

Learn how Priority One can help your business grow.


Security & Compliance

Consumer privacy is a hot topic this year. What are your third party providers doing to support you?

VP of Technology Celebrates 20 Years with Priority One

VP of Technology and "CIO of the Year" award winner, Mark Siler, celebrates 20 years with Priority One.

Digital Signatures

EZ-Sign™ is a digital signature solution that offers customers the convenience of completing loan closing documents on-the-go.

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