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A New Tradition for 2021 Trade Shows

Financing Kiosk Demonstration at Quality Boats

Trade shows are well underway this year, and, despite the inventory challenges across the industry, sales potential is bigger and better than ever before.

Where you see an opportunity for growth, we, at Priority One, see an opportunity to support you with a flawless, fast and secure F&I experience. Early this year, we introduced the first fruits of a new program: Priority One financing kiosks. These kiosks, featuring a direct connection to our new-and-improved digital credit application, boast a small, mobile footprint in your showroom with big, reaching reward. Easily moved from your showroom to a trade show and back, kiosks provide direct access for your customer to begin the financing process before they ever leave your space. And whether customers at a show or in your showroom, we know that every minute they linger is another minute they consider purchasing from you.

When you attend trade shows, your team at Priority One always aims to support you. That might look like attending in person to work alongside you, or waiting at our offices to work applications as they are submitted. With the addition of kiosks, our team can now support you wherever you go with a new sense of security and urgency. When we are notified that an application has been submitted at a kiosk, that customer takes immediate priority and receives a call as soon as possible.

While still in beta test today, we look forward to expanding the kiosk program to more dealers this year. To see a live demo of the kiosks, be sure to find us in Elkhart in September, or Dealer Week in December. To inquire about a kiosk for your next show, contact your team at Priority One and we would gladly work to equip you.


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