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Why Your Customers Give Us 5 Stars

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Customers have spoken and the verdict is in: Priority One is a five-star service! Amidst the busiest sales season in the industry, and despite delays and challenges from lenders, customers have told us time and time again - financing with Priority One is a great experience.

“The Priority One team was great to work with. Professional, proactive, knowledgeable, and friendly...what more can anyone ask for! I will definitely keep Priority One in mind for future financing needs. Much appreciated and well done!”


“I highly recommend Priority One. I financed my first RV through this company; the entire process was efficient, the staff were responsive and forthcoming with important information. They truly made the purchase smooth! I’m very grateful!” - DONNA, ROGERS MOTORS

“It was the quickest easiest loan I have EVER had. I could not believe how easy it was. Ron called me the first time totally explained the process and he followed up to the T! He told me exactly what to expect, when he was going to call, and most importantly he did exactly what he said he was going to do. Very rare in business today do you receive such good customer service.”


“The loan process was fast and easy. Below average interest rates. No messing around. Just straight up good customer service. Enjoying my 2021 Nautique G-23. Great job guys. Also had an in house insurance source that made closing a breeze. Give ‘em a try! You wont be disappointed.” - DONNY, SKI-N-SPORTS

“Excellent service. Quick, professional and very courteous. All and all a very pleasant experience working with Jessica Yaudes. I highly recommend Priority One for your next RV or Boat purchase.”


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