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Helping the Earth One Delivery at a Time

Earth Day is a meaningful holiday in our industry. What began 52 years ago to preserve the environment carries even more weight today. With carbon emissions, pollution, oil spills, and a myriad of other factors contributing to a deteriorating environment around us, it's a topic that we take seriously.

“It's not a day, it's a movement." -

Soundings Trade Only published a great article earlier this week that made this Earth Day, and our need to take action, feel especially personal. “Nearly every day we’re out cruising or fishing, we see foam cups, plastic bottles, food containers, paper wrappers, plastic ice bags and similar junk floating by with the tide. . .we see first-hand that more attention to discarding trash on or near our waters is urgently needed."

On the RV side, Airstream announced today an initiative to plant over 100,000 trees with the National Forest Foundation - a tangible action they are taking to “help sequester the estimated carbon generated by the first year of driving of all new Airstream travel trailers and touring coaches manufactured in 2022."

Helping Mother Earth is important to us at Priority One. Our employees gather every year to clean up trash from the Tampa Bay shoreline and remove invasive plants from preserve areas. But beyond those efforts, we're on a mission to empower our dealers to consider the environment in their daily F&I practices.

Today, dealers partnering with Priority One can move through the entire life-cycle of customer financing using digital technology. Using MOTOTV, dealers educate customers on financing without the need for printed flyers. In-store kiosks allow customers to fill out a digital application right in the showroom - eliminating waste from paper applications and increasing the likelihood of that customer taking delivery by more than 20%. With our Dealer portal, dealers upload and share financing documents in a secure digital environment, and customers do the same through our customer portal. Using EZ-Sign, nearly all financing paperwork can be signed digitally and shared through the dealer portal.

Leveraging these tools limits the use of paper and prevents harm to our environment. It also speeds up the financing process, secures NPI information, and improves communication between the dealer, the lender, and Priority One. As a Priority One partner, here are a few things you can do to make sure you're using environmentally-friendly F&I practices.

Call your dealer account executive to...

  1. Add financing to your website

  2. Ask about a showroom kiosk or QR codes to help direct customers to your digital credit application

  3. Ensure you are using your dealer portal regularly and leveraging it's resources for an efficient F&I process

  4. Verify you are signed up with all EZ-Sign lenders that you are eligible to work with

Together, we're making this world better - one delivery at a time.


Learn how Priority One can help your business grow.

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