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Dealer Spotlight: Dave's RV

Dave Sismo and family celebrated 50 years in business in August. Working alongside his son, running the sales department, and his wife, who keeps the office, Dave says that in all 50 years, the business has never seen a bad year.

In 1970, Dave tried to buy an RV but couldn’t get a loan. “The bank was corrupt... so in a week I had enough money and I went and bought a whole fleet.”

But this year, like many in the industry, Dave’s RV Center is facing an inventory challenge. “Unreal, unreal. . . I only have one unit to my name,” he remarked. Sales through the roof, coupled with delayed manufacturing, dealers like Dave’s are unable to keep a unit on the lot. He seems to know that this year, like the other 49, will work out, “but it’s getting a little crazy.”

When asked if he’d change the business model going forward, Dave said “We’ll keep doing what we do best - take care of people. . . Our customers know us. They can call us anytime.”

Swing by Dave’s RV Center next time you’re in Danbury, Connecticut. We’re sure it’ll be worth the stop.

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