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Ruskiewicz And Auer Celebrate 10 Years With Priority One

Priority One Financial Services, Inc., the recreational industry’s oldest and largest F&I outsourcing provider, congratulates Dan Ruskiewicz and Rob Auer for ten outstanding years with the company.

Dan graduated cum laude from Florida State University with a degree in finance and started his career at Priority One in 2008 as a dealer account executive (he is currently a senior dealer account executive). Dan is responsible for bringing new dealers aboard and managing their account, which includes: training them on F&I procedures, tracking their F&I success and updating them on industry news. Dan is also responsible for developing relationships with top boat and RV manufacturers and has been instrumental in partnering with the Route 66 RV Network. Dan’s competitive nature, hard-work and dedication have made him Priority One’s top salesperson.

One of Dan’s dealer partners praises Dan, “Dan's involvement and attentiveness has helped us experience tremendous growth in our business. He checks in regularly and often has suggestions and ideas to help increase our business.”

Nicole Armstrong, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says of Dan, “Dan’s passion, drive and dedication was apparent right from the start. If you are an RV or marine dealer in the US, there is a good chance you have talked to Dan. He will do whatever he can to make sure a dealer’s F&I needs are met.”

On the same date, October 13, 2008, that Dan started at Priority One, so did Rob Auer. During his tenure Rob has worked in several departments including sales, specialty financing and is currently a senior business manager. His extensive knowledge in recreational financing, subprime deals and product sales are key components in assisting dealerships at all levels from deposit to delivery.

“Rob always goes out of his way to get our deals done,” comments a dealer that works with Rob. “He is always very professional, and our customers always have great things to say about him.”

Rina Aponte, Operations Manager, comments on Rob, “Rob’s hard work and dedication are vital to the success of Priority One.”


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